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New website provides information about Common Core materials

By Theresa Harrington


Posted February 13, 2017

Polls About Whether Teachers Support Common Core Show There's Lingering Disagreement

By Kory Raye Lane


Posted January 31, 2017

The Key Common Core Questions No Senator Asked Betsy DeVos to Answer

By Valerie Strauss

The Washington Post

Posted January 25, 2017

Teachers Say They Know More About the Common Core, But Challenges Linger

By Jaclyn Zubrzycki

Education Week

Posted January 04, 2017

How the Common Core Became a Misbranded Buzzword Used to Define Federal Overreach

By Nicole Gorman

Education World

Posted December 14, 2016

Common Core Is Failing High Schoolers in Math

By Alice B. Lloyd

The Weekly Standard

Posted December 08, 2016

Can A President Trump Get Rid Of Common Core?

By Cory Turner


Posted November 16, 2016

Common Core: Teach Literacy in Every Subject

By Jaclyn Zubrzycki

Education Week

Posted November 03, 2016

Teachers Weigh In On Common Core

By Madeline Will


Posted October 26, 2016